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Road Safety and Impaired Driving

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Road Safety and Impaired Driving

Cannabis use of any kind in vehicles, including motorized boats, is prohibited in New Brunswick. Drivers cannot be impaired while driving, passengers cannot use cannabis in any form in the vehicle, and cannabis must be stored in a closed, fastened package and out of reach or not readily available to anyone in the vehicle. This is in line with restrictions on alcohol in vehicles.

In addition, changes to the Motor Vehicle Act establish a drug-impaired driving program. Proposed sanctions include:

  • Immediate short-term roadside suspensions.
  • An administrative licence suspension program for those who perform poorly on a drug  recognition evaluation.
  • Discretionary and mandatory vehicle impoundment for short-term and administrative licence suspensions.
  • Participation in a re-education course for drug-impaired drivers.
  • Licence reinstatement fees for drug-impaired drivers.
  • Zero tolerance for novice drivers and those under 21 years of age.

These changes will complement proposed changes to the Criminal Code of Canada respecting drug-impaired driving that include other penalties, including imprisonment. Officers will have authority to decide how they handle drivers they suspect of being under the influence of cannabis. All drivers, including medical users, must not be impaired when driving. 

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